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Equipment Repair - Griffin Incorporated
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Equipment Repair

We are proud of the feedback that we receive from our customers. We offer repair pricing that is on average 20% to 30% below our direct competitors. We also offer a 90 day warranty on all repairs we do and unparalleled service. That means, you will not have to put up with being ignored by your calibration service provider! Additionally, we are so confident in our repair pricing that we will pay your return shipping if you do not agree with our repair quote!

Repairs are sent to our repair facility which is equipped with Precision Masters and Repair Technicians that have decades of component level repair experience.

When completed and verified, our Repair Lab returns your equipment to our ISO 17025 compliant Calibration Facility where your equipment is Certified and Calibrated traceable to NIST.

We have a large inventory of troubleshooting equipment and expert technicians that have decades of component level repair experience.

We repair most major brand names like Starrett, MitutoyoFluke and others. 

Most importantly, we will never charge you more than $25 for an investigative fee which will be subtracted from the repair price if approved. Also, all equipment that you send in to us will receive a detailed repair quote prior to any repair work being done.

We believe that if a repair including parts & labor exceeds 65% of the equipment value we may recommend you replace a piece of equipment. Many of our customers have found that they can trust our judgement to the extent that they have granted us pre-approval to repair their measuring & test equipment within those guidelines.

Please do not send a tool or gage with a value of $60 or less (e.g. China brand, General brand and so on) as your combined cost of getting the tool or gage to us, and repair charges, will most likely exceed its value. 

If you are requesting information on repair services please send your equipment in need of repair to our facility where you will receive a detailed repair quote prior to any work being done.