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Ring Gages

We calibrate cylindrical ring gages on a Pratt & Whitney LabMaster with a measurement uncertainty of 5 microinches + 1 microinch/1". Our process requires the measurement of 6 points within the cylinder of the gage, specifically, the top, middle and bottom of both the north-south axis and the east-west axis of the cylinder. We measure the top and bottom measurements 1/16" in from the chamfers or edge breaks or if a client requests, we will move the measurements to 1/8" in from the top and bottom surfaces of the gage. This often allows the gages that would normally be rejected to be utilized and has no effect on the users process as they did not use the outside 1/16" of the gage anyway. Additionally, this allows us to rule out false out-of-tolerance findings which saves you quality time researching a meaningless out-of-tolerance condition and the cost associated with replacing gages that are actually still good.

We offer pricing that is often 200% to 300% below the re-calibration prices of our competitors or in many cases even the original equipment manufacturer! Contact us today and start saving money while experiencing our quality. You won't be disappointed.