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Our Standards - Griffin Incorporated
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Our Standards

To the left is a Fluke 5520A Multi-product Calibrator. This unit will allow us to provide our customers with the highest quality calibrations at better prices as it reduces bench time for all types of instrumentation. Additionally, since this unit records all test data automatically and creates calibration data reports as it calibrates, the chances of our customers receiving an inaccurate certificate are greatly reduced.

Our capabilities are always increasing with the acquisition of newer and more capable laboratory standards. Most recently we have purchased a Morehouse Press and a complete set of Interface Gold Standard Loadcells. With this equipment we can calibrate Customer Loadcells and other force type equipment with an accuracy of 0.05% or better.

Our physical/dimensional lab standards include a Pratt & Whitney LabMaster Universal Measuring system that is capable of providing physical measurements with a resolution of 0.0000001" and a repeatability of 0.0000016", making the calibration of gage blocks, master rings and discs, precision balls and a variety of other M&TE a reliable and accurate process.